Step 1

You can (1) Email the description of what you would like made.  Please include the Size and Colors you would like for your item.  Feel free to attach any photos for clarity. or write your message from the Contacts page. 

Or (2) You can Call me at (254) 300-1122.  Best times are between 9am- 8pm Central Time.  We can discuss the details of your order.

Step 2

I will email you back with any questions I have about your request.  I will also include the estimated time required to craft and the final price.  Email me back confirming you would like to place the order after you are satisfied with the wait time and final price.  To insure you get the exact product you desire, there may be some emails sent between each other before a final order is confirmed.  I wish to make sure the description is clear so you get the perfect item. 

Crocheting please be patient.jpg

Let the Magic Begin!

Step 3

The Crafting begins.  If the item takes more than a day to complete I will send progress pictures along the way to your email.  At any point of the crafting stage you may email or call me to make any changes. 

Step 4

Once the project is finished, I will send you a link to a private page on my website where you can pay for your item and enter your shipping information.  The link includes pictures and a small detail.  At this point you can still have changes made.  Just email or call me.  I will make the changes until it is just right.  Once it is right, and you purchase your item, I will mail it at the soonest post office business hours.  You will be emailed a tracking number and expected delivery date.